Monday, July 15, 2013

Undercover - One of These Days

Undercover - Boys and Girls - One of These Days 

 One of these days you might be driving in your car, waving “Hi”, and maybe singing as you go,
And then you’re gone,
And they’ll say, “No way, where’d that guy go?”
Well it was Jesus, he came to take you home.

One of these days you might be sitting at your desk, typing stuff, you know, maybe thinking, “What a mess,”
And then it happens, and they’ll say, “Hey, what’s going on?”
Well, it was Jesus saying, “Time to move along.”

One of these days,

And one of these days you might be dancing on the floor, thinking, “Man, I sure am pretty cool,”
And then it’s over,
And you’ll say, “Boy, have I been blind,”
‘Cause it was Jesus,
You know what? – you’ve been left behind.

One of these days,
I said, one of these days,
One of these days, Alice,
One of these days,
One of these days,
You just wait, I can’t wait to see the day,
One of these days,
You’ll see.

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