Monday, March 17, 2014

The NWO - The Black Papacy

The Black Pope - Antichrist 


A Message To High Jesuits - Vatican Knights


nwo: the black pope, the hidden conspiracy exposed


  1. Yes, Alan, exposing the satanic papacy is your true calling.
    JESUS be with you, even though you don't believe in the pre-trib-rapture, because proclainimg the pre-trib-rapture is MY calling.
    The pre-tribulation-rapture is the only truth and it's NOT invented by the satanic Jesuits. The Pre Tribulation Rapture is the only truth, Re-Posted
    They used Alberto Rivera to spread this LIE, even though Alberto Rivera revealed a lot of TRUTHS about the demonic Jesuits.
    Alberto Rivera was raised as a Roman Catholic and Roman Catholics don't love the Jews and they are blind to the prophetic word concerning God's chosen people.
    Many protestants are in fact PSEUDO-Catholics, because they gather on the SUN-worship SUNday and in many ways they are still Roman Catholic, and especially when they celebrate the PAGAN "Christmas" and the PAGAN 'Easter' (Ishtar).
    Many protestants are POISONED by the replacement doctrine, thinking that God's promises, which ARE meant for His chosen people, transferred to the "Christian church".
    Protestants are ROMAN Catholics in disguise and no wonder most, if not all, protestant churches are in line with Rome.
    They call there gathering a "church", but the word "church" is not found in the original manuscrips of the New testament.
    The right word should be 'assembly'.
    The word "church" is a ROMAN CATHOLIC INVENTION, meant to generate associations with RELIGIOUS 'Christian' institutons and church buildings, while the true Body of Christ is an ORGANISM and not an human organisation, like the SATANIC Roman Catholic CUL!
    Yet, I still love to hear you preach against the SATANIC PAPACY!

  2. Though you're RIGHT about the papacy being the seat of the ANTICHRIST, the papacy loves to play its EVIL games from the DARKNESS and they always use 'secular' world leaders to achieve their goals.
    During the 2nd world war the papacy used Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt/Truman/Eisenhower, Mussolini, Churchill, though they SEEMED to fight against each other.
    In our time the papacy uses 'Obama' and the leadership of the EU and even Putin, because the end goal is WORLD DICTATORSHIP, and the papacy will use a CHARISMATIC 'secular' LEADER to blind the people of the world, while the papacy is the REAL evil force on behalf of LUCIFER-SATAN.
    In my opinion 'Obama' will be that man, because you don't believe in the pre-tribulation-rapture and therefore you can't IMAGINE that SATAN is able to MAKE 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr) the MOST WORSHIPPED man of the end time and the man of perdition, on behalf of the EVIL papacy and Satan.
    This will happen AFTER tha rapture of the Body of Jesus Christ.

    This CAN'T happen before the rapture, because the Holy Spirit within the Body of Jesus Christ is RESTRAINING the devil and HIS SATANIC ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT.

  3. Brother, my mother is also a Roman Catholic, but my dad was an atheist and an antichrist and he forbade my mom to teach us anything she knew about her religion.
    So I was raised without ANY kind of religion and I became an atheist myself, but my mother rebelled against my dad when he was at sea, working for months on all the world seas as a ships engineer, and she sent her five children to a protestant kindergarten.
    I was the only one of those five children who believed all the stories of the children's Bible, during one school season, because I was very fond of the female teacher.
    After this season that faith faded away, and also because I went to a public elementary school and a public high school, where I was 'educated' about the EVIL evolution LIE.
    But God used this basis of the time when I was a small boy to regenerate my faith when I became older, and when I was just 24 He definitely saved my life, during a big spiritual crisis in my life. This happened on the 15th of January 1984.
    My non practising Catholic mother still lives and she's 85 and she's still not (yet) saved, like most of my family.
    Thank you for telling a bit more about your background.
    JESUS be with US.

  4. Israel is still God's chosen people despite replacement doctrine nonsense!
    Many gentiles can't stop being evil: mudering the Jews is not enough: the very reminder of the importance of God's people in the Bible and the prophetic word should be obliterated too.
    People who WON'T make the distinction between God's plan with His Body of Jesus Christ and His chosen Jewish people, are also AGAINST the Biblical teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture.
    They erroneously think that they are the 'chosen people'.

    Hans Steijnhagen
    4 seconden geleden

    +Hans Steijnhagen
    Hans Steijnhagen
    3 seconden geleden

    +Hans Steijnhagen


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