Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

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Asche zu Asche - Rammstein Lyrics and Translation


  1. Masonic Poses

    Published on Apr 23, 2014

    I uploaded this because its a subject hardly covered my excuse for the cursing in the video , the man is angry , i do understand why.

  2. The Titanic Conspiracy

    Published on Apr 3, 2013

    A compelling presentation by John Hamer, author of the recently published book 'The Falsification of History', to New Horizons in St. Annes, Lancashire, England.

    In October 1910, a group of seven men, all senior players in the Rothschild and Rockefeller financial dynasties, met in strict secrecy on a private island off the coast of Georgia, USA. Their brief was to create an organisation to usurp the power to create and print money, until then solely a function of the US government. This organisation was to be named 'The Federal Reserve Bank'. This plan however, had several extremely powerful, high-profile opponents who stood in the way of these banker's goals.

    In the meantime, John Pierpoint (JP) Morgan, another American high-financier, involved in the Federal Reserve scheme, who also happened to own the British-based White Star shipping line, had commissioned a series of 'super-liners', the Olympic class, in an attempt to gain the lion's share of the highly lucrative Atlantic-crossing market. The speculative investment involved in this project was immense.

    However, in September 1911, before the second one of the planned three 'sisters', RMS Titanic had been completed, Morgan's plans were dealt a massive financial blow when RMS Olympic, the first of the 'sister' ships off the production line was involved in a disastrous collision with a Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Hawke.

    And so, the scene was set for one of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated... in the100th anniversary year, John presents information and evidence that seriously questions the official account in the history books.

    WeAreONEbigFamily is Back
    9 hours ago (edited)

    Both the Rothschilds and The Rockefellers have been brought to power by The Jesuit order and The Vatican Knighthoods. They are Papal Jews , The Guardians of The Vaticans Treasury , it has been like this since the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati 1776 , The reason for this was because the Jesuit order was being banned worldwide by a Papal Bull from Pope Clement in 1773 due to a public outcry of the people. The jesuit order was founded to counter reformate the protestant reformation , after this Papal Bull they were limited , they came up with the Bavarian Illuminati , they trained Adam Weishaupt on a Jesuit University in Ingolstadt Germany , they say Adam Weishaupt left the order in 1775 but this is just deception as they alway's do , its their open policy which is alway's based on a lie , their secret policy is the truth. Anyway Meier Amschel Bauer was approached and offered to become a Knight of Malta , Meier Amschel bauer changed his name into Red Shield = Roth Schild (Knights of malta) this is how the Rothschild Dynasty was brought to power , They are Sabbathean Frankist Hofjuden....serving the Vatican , many Rothschilds have been Papal Knights of some Vatican Knighthood , The british crown was also overtaken by The jesuits in 1773 when King George III gave them shelter. Today some of the Rothschilds married into the papal Nobility like the Aldobrandini's , at least some Papal Nobility descendants have ties to the Rothschilds through The British Crown for their finances.

  3. The Nazi connection to the Jesuit controlled Vatican - Proof

    Published on Apr 24, 2014

    "The Frederick the Great Association
    One of the more twisted myths being propagated by
    'Regular' Anglo-American Freemasonry of late is that the Nazis persecuted 'regular' Freemasonry in Germany during its reign. 'Regular' Freemasonry plays the recognition game if it wants to deny that a particular infamous individual was a Freemason. Usually this is carried out in regard to Grand Orient Freemasons, which it does not recognize [them] as being legitimate Masons because it has its own operation called
    'Grand Lodges' set up in their countries, France being the largest instance. Thus it is with aparticular sense of accomplishment that we have uncovered one of 'regular' American and British Grand Lodge Freemasonry's most noxious officiallies; its record and actions in Nazi Germany—a lie that their favorite recognition game-dodge won't work on. In Germany at the time the Nazis came to power (with the aid of numerous
    Freemasonic High Financiers like [33rd Degree]
    Henry Ford [and Hjalmar Schacht]), there existed
    Nine Grand Lodges and Orients. Three Grand Lodges
    were known as 'Old Prussian Grand Lodges,' which were
    large, well organized and contained the bulk of all
    Freemasons in Germany. Six were called 'Modern Grand Lodges,'
    which were small, isolated, with only a few thousand
    members each. One of the groupings had always
    banned Jews from joining and was fiercely nationalistic
    [i.e., Jesuit-fascist] and reactionary in its politics.
    One of the groupings had always allowed
    Jews to join and was international and liberal
    [i.e., socialist-communist] in its politics. Guess which
    Grand Lodge group American and British Freemasonry
    recognized as being 'Regular' Freemasonry and which group
    it branded as 'Irregular' and clandestine Freemasonry?
    You guessed right. It was the 'Old Prussian Grand Lodges,'
    which contained the High Command Officers,
    Industrialists, and Royal Houses who had always banned
    Jews from joining and which was fiercely nationalistic
    and reactionary in its politics, that the American and British
    Grand Lodges recognized as being 'Regular.'
    [What of] the 'Moderns,' the ones that allowed Jews to join?
    'Regular' Freemasonry said they were 'Irregular' and 'clandestine.'
    In other words they did not recognize the Grand Lodges
    that allowed Jews to join as Freemasons or [as being true]
    Freemasonry whatsoever. 'Regular' Freemasonry is trying to
    hoodwink their [temporary] recognition of the [fascist]
    anti-Semitic National Grand Lodges [Germanenorden]
    and their [temporary] non-recognition of the
    non-anti-Semitic [pro-communist] International Grand Lodges.

  4. Tweets

    Hans S ‏@Hans11160S 29m

    @gloryoftheSon @Zena55555 The 'Crusaders' were NOT followers of Jesus Christ: they fought on behalf of the EVIL Vatican.
    Hans S ‏@Hans11160S 28m

    @gloryoftheSon @Zena55555 Followers of Jesus DO NOT KILL! They LOVE their enemies! Followers of Satan kill, because they are AFRAID to lose
    Hans S ‏@Hans11160S 28m

    @gloryoftheSon @Zena55555 their own lives, and because they do NOT love their enemies, which makes them DISOBEDIENT to 'commander in chief'
    Hans S ‏@Hans11160S 27m

    @gloryoftheSon @Zena55555 JESUS Christ. JESUS NEVER used any kind of weapon. His 'weapon' is LOVE! He was prepared to DIE for His PRINCIPLES
    Hans S ‏@Hans11160S 19m

    @gloryoftheSon @Zena55555 Any IDIOT can use a weapon and KILL & MAIM. It takes a COURAGEOUS person to face the enemy only 'armed' with LOVE.
    Hans S ‏@Hans11160S 16m

    @gloryoftheSon @Zena55555 JESUS was the MOST COURAGEOUS person that has ever walked this earth! He didn't need THIS: …


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