Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Resurrection SONday!


There is no point of greater distinction between the reign of law and of grace then the observance of the seventh day and the first day of the week. Each represent a different dispensation and how God related to man.

There are many Sabbatarian groups that trace this event to Constantine in 321 A.D. and the council of Laodicea held in 364 A.D. In changing the Sabbath day of worship to Sunday. In the 4th cent. Sunday was declared to be the day of rest and worship. This does not mean Constantine changed the Sabbath day to Sunday, the Sabbath is still Saturday.

On the contrary there is much historical evidence to show Sunday worship was a universal practice of all the church’s outside the land of Israel by the beginning of the 2nd century. While there was a dispute between the Roman Catholic and eastern church hundreds of years later, on which day to worship there certainly was a repulsion to keep anything that was related to Judaism. While there may be a grain of truth in some of the arguments their is much exaggeration and even more extremism in changing the historical facts. Some go as far as to say Sunday is the day of the sun (worship ) so that is what Christians are doing they are practicing paganism. That early Christianity was mixed with pagan practices that led to the adoption of Sunday worship. This kind of rhetoric appeals to ignorance. Those who motivate others with guilt say you must worship on Saturday know this word is named after the Roman god Saturn. Like every day of the week it has a reference to a pagan name since many of these words come from that time period. The point is we don’t worship the day or the name of that day which would be idolatry. We worship the maker of that day and every day. God made all the days of the week and does not expect to be worshipped on only one day.

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  1. +HeWantsFruit I agree, but
    The Body of Christ is not under the law.

    Born again believers in JESUS are FREE!
    Worshipers of JESUS, worship Him EVERYDAY and they don't need one particular holy day.


    Hans S
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    This is a message for the REMNANT of the Israeli JEWS and NOT for the BODY of CHRIST.
    The SABBATH is for the JEWS, and AFTER JESUS' second coming for the WHOLE WORLD!
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    6:28 AM

    the Sabbath commandment was instituted in Eden Genesis Ch 2 before there ever was a Jew
    12:41 PM

    +HeWantsFruit really? it was a commandment? Show me the scriptures where God said keep the sabbath in Genesis.....that's the definition of a commandment.
    1:14 PM

    Sure, Genesis 2:3 God sanctifies the 7th day...Genesis 26:5 "Abraham kept my charge, my COMMANDMENTS, my statutes, and my laws"...Abraham was keeping statutes, laws, commandments...The Sabbath commandment in Ex 20:8 specifically cites Gen 2:3 in Ex 20:11...all you have to do is read the 4th commandment to see that...and of course marriage, that's also instituted in Eden in Gen 2:24 and Jesus says in Matthew 19:6 not to separate what God made in's always interesting to hear Christians say that marriage is from God and not just Jews but the Sabbath is only for Jews when both the Sabbath and marriage come from Eden.


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