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The Central Bankers Hope War Will Mask The Economic Collapse -- Episode 350

The Central Bankers Hope War Will Mask The Economic Collapse -- Episode 350

Published on Apr 25, 2014
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Report date: 4.25.2014

Greece still needs the EU to help keep the country from collapsing. French jobless rates hit all time high and the French economy is imploding. Russia accelerates plans to back a eurasion currecny with gold. The US is now provoking North Korea and working on placing new sanctions on the country. S&P has downgraded Russia to one level above junk status. John Kerry has given Russia a final warning. The propaganda of chemical weapons in Syria continues. The British are now pushing he agenda that Assad has been hiding chemical weapons and will use them. Be prepared for another false flag.

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  1. It's all very SIMPLE: JESUS Christ is coming back to Israel and JESUS is GOD!
    Satah doesn't like that, and he wants to rob JESUS of His MOTIVE to return: JESUS wants to rescue a remnant (one third) of His chosen people and everyone who really loves Him.
    Satan wants to DESTROY ALL believers in JESUS Christ and this remnant of the chosen people, so that JESUS will NOT have a REASON to return and take over control over earth and end his evil rule.
    And so Satan uses people who are the most devoted to him, to try to stop JESUS, who already DEFEATED him when JESUS died on the cross according to many Bible prophesies and ROSE FROM the DEAD.
    Satan is VERY AFRAID of JESUS Christ!

    Who are those people that think they can stop JESUS Christ?


    The MOST powerful man on earth right now is NOT Obama or Putin or any other world leader, but it's the POPE OF ROME.

    He is the ANTICHRIST, meaning: instead of Christ, which is the meaning of the term 'Vicar of Christ'.
    He is the one who pretends to be GOD ON EARTH!

    The Pope pretends to represent the Christian faith, but he's an IMPOSTER, because he is the MOST EVIL PERSON on EARTH!

    You may have noticed that ALL world leaders bow DOWN to this SATANIST; even Vladimir Putin!
    So the 'conspiracy' is VERY SIMPLE.
    Satan uses the Pope as his STOOGE, and he selects ONE other world leader who will be as EVIL as him and the Pope.

    This other evil person, whom the Bible calls THE BEAST, is Frank Marshall Davis jr, aka Barack Hussein Obama.
    'Obama' is a SATANIST too!

    He doesn't give a damn about the fate of the USA!
    Adolf Hitler came from Austria and he served the Vatican and he didn't give a damn about the fate of Germany.
    Joseph 'Stalin' came from Georgia and he served the Vatican and he didn't give a damn about the fate of Russia.

    1. Vladimir Putin is currently in REBELLION against the interest of the Vatican New World Order and Satan.
      This is also according Biblical prophesy, because GOD will use Russia to fulfill the prophesies of Ezekiel 38/39.
      The JESUITS and the Pope, who is the BOSS of the Jesuits, being the 'black Pope in white, know the Bible very well, but from the perspective of LUCIFER/Satan.
      They know that there can't be a ONE world government while Russia is still present being a military SUPER POWER.
      China and India and Pakistan also need to be NEUTRALIZED, and this will happen after the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of Russia.
      Who will destroy Russia?
      The USA?
      The USA is NOT capable of defeating Russia without committing SUICIDE, so a MUCH STRONGER FORCE is NEEDED: GOD HIMSELF!

      God says in Ezekiel 38/39 that He will defeat 'Gog and Magog', who will be the future enemies of Israel, and they will be the NON-Arab muslim states who will press Russia to become their leader AFTER the Psalm 83- war, which will be a war of ARAB muslim peoples against Israel in the very near future.
      During this Psalm 83-war, Damascus wil be destroyed by a NUCLEAR ATTACK.
      The whole islamic world will blame Israel and will UNITE behind Russia in trying to destroy Israel.

      But Israel is still God's chosen people, and God will prove this!
      He will destroy Russia and its allies, and after this it will be easy for the Vatican New World Order to persuade the other nuclear powers like China, India and Pakistan, to SURRENDER to a ONE WORLD GOVERMENT through the UNITED NATIONS.

      The future leader of the UN will be the second ANTICHRIST and the second BEAST, together with the Pope of Rome, who is in fact the EMPEROR of the ROMAN EMPIRE.

      When JESUS was on earth, his country was occupied by the Roman Empire.
      When JESUS returns, his country will AGAIN be occupied by the Roman Empire, because the leadership of Israel collaborates with the Vatican NWO and they are TRAITORS.

      When JESUS returns, it will be the UTTER DEFEAT of Satan and his DEMONIC world rule!

      Are you ready for the coming of JESUS Christ and are you on his side?

      Everyone who will be on His side will be saved, and everyone who will be on Satan's side and the Vatican NWO, will be destroyed.

      So you see that the conspiracy is very simple when one believes the Biblical prophesies from the perspective of God-JESUS Christ.

  2. Top U.S. Diplomat: Russia Has Betrayed the “New World Order”
    (He means the VATICAN NWO)


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