Friday, May 16, 2014

Global SITREP C6-14: Ukraine is Essential to Ezekiel 38/39 Fulfillment

Ukrainian combat soldiers on-the-move near Kramatorsk, Ukraine

15 May 2014: OSCE-sponsored talks on the Ukrainian crisis going absolutely nowhere fast as pro-Russian insurgents are unwilling to attend the face-to-face sessions in Kiev, they demand the talks be held in Donetsk, capital city of their self-declared Republic of Donetsk. This stark reality led to the events which transpired last night as Ukrainian military forces once again took the battlefield initiative and launched simultaneous operations against pro-Russian bases outside of two key locations: Kramatorsk and its neighbor to the northeast Slovyansk. Both pro-Russian bases were destroyed according to an Associated Press report that hit the wires very early this morning. The report also cited a Ukrainian defense ministry source as saying there were no Ukrainian casualties in either operation.

Slovyansk became a focal point in this crisis early on as it is the location of a former-Soviet and Russian arms depot holding over one million ground combat weapons of various types. Securing this arsenal was clearly a primary objective for the Russian Spetsnaz forces who infiltrated early on following their successful Crimean operation. It is unknown if Ukrainian forces destroyed this arsenal last night of if it another insurgent base they took out. Odds are this arsenal is very high on a list of immediate Ukrainian military objectives.



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