Thursday, June 19, 2014

NWO Satanic Pedophile Cult In Control!

NWO Satanic Pedophile Cult In Control!

*Published on Mar 22, 2014*

MIRROR- "The Pope, Jesuits and Anglicans refuse to deny criminal charges
made against them -- A global common law court Trial will now proceed as
shocking new evidence suggests Joseph Ratzinger still wields power at
the Vatican -- Ratzinger and others are named as members of a child
abuse cult "Ninth Circle". Posted 22 March 2014 by , ITCCS
Central Brussels."

"Their silence is very telling and extremely important legally" said
Court Secretary George Dufort from Brussels.

Eye witnesses to Pope Bergoglio rape teens, kill & eat babies in Satanic ritual - Kevin Annett


  1. +tommax26
    You're right about the pronounciation of Vicar, but it's no big deal.

    I agree with Ben about the EVIL Vatican concerning Israel.

    NWO Satanic Pedophile Cult In Control!


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