zaterdag 12 juli 2014

Israeli News Live -Tomb of David Overrun

Israeli News Live -Tomb of David Overrun

Published on Jul 11, 2014
Rockets continue to fall in Israel as the Nation Unites in its effort to stop the Arab worlds aggression. King Davids Tomb gets a new status Quo endangering the Jewish peoples rights to their sites



Israeli News Live - Rome Ruling Israel


Exposing the Star of David



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  1. God-YHVH-I AM, WHO I AM (one with Yeshua-JESUS, who's I AM SALVATION) will send His two witnesses, amen!
    Blessed be the God of ISRAEL: YESHUA HAMASHIACH, YHVH, who died for our sins, and who rose from the dead!

    Unfortunately, it's true, and the late Sharon too
    and he paid a high price, but the former Jewish inhabitants of Gaza, paid a higher price in 2005, when they were deported by their own government, because Sharon obeyed George W. Bush, while in his turn Bush obeyed the Vatican.
    Exposing the Star of David


  3. The point is that the government of Israel is cooperating with the Vatican NWO.
    Exposing the Star of David
    Islam was created by the Vatican, and the 'Papal Jews' (in and outside of Israel), who control Israel and who betray the God of Israel and God's chosen people, obey the Vatican, and that's why they spare the enemy.
    That's why there will come a tribulation, so that the REMNANT of the Jewish people will be saved.
    Many Jews, though, will be deceived, because they don't believe in their own God, and they are as pagan in their hearts as non-Jews.

    Read: Zechariah 13:8-9


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