Saturday, September 13, 2014

Terrifying Photo Captured of Obama’s Head with TWO HORNS

The presidency of the US is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13

As I posted my predictions on Obama’s ISIS speech and how he will support Antichrist, I was tipped (thanks momprayn) on these photos from the Drudge Report, that would probably scare your little toddler (parental discretion advised). These still images from President Obama’s ISIS speech last night with the White House drapes as a backdrop show Obama with two (perhaps even four) horns making him look like the Goat of Mendez. While we think this is coincidence, no one can blame anyone for photoshopping this one in order to negatively hurt Obama’s image, blame the White House:

We wrote our prediction on Obama’s plan before his miserable speech and we were dead on target. Our predictions were accurate, not because we were smart, but because we look at the biblical map and not whatever wishful thinkers and evil men want you to believe, while they sell out on America and do the bidding for Antichrist. In life, every individual has but two choices; stick to God or to cling to the god of this world. Many view the prophetic word as a time-clock, not realizing that the spirit of Antichrist is already upon us, yet they, like the lazy servant, are simply using their bibles as a compass, not to see what they can do for God’s cause, but to see what they can do for themselves asking always: “when do we pack up” and “the Rapture is right around the corner” and “Its strictly coming to save us since we have faith and we need to do nothing”. Such is the lazy servant.

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Warning: Shoebat


  1. +TheHigherVoltage
    There is no person called 'TheHigherVoltage'

    JESUS derives from the Greek ié-sous, which derives from the Hebrew Yeshu(a).

    JESUS' name has NOTHING to do with 'Zeus', so you're talking NONSENSE.

    He's GOD and He's gonna judge everyone.

    You're not saved, so you'll end up in hell = God's wrath and God's garbage can...UNLESS you repent and believe that JESUS bore (Y)OUR guilt on the cross, and that He rose from the dead.

    Evolution is a LIE and the Bible is the ONLY truth.

    Don't try to be smart, because I'm an ex-atheist.

    PS: it's not forbidden to be lost and the choice is yours alone what you want to believe.


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