Friday, January 23, 2015

Russia Continues the Invasion of Eastern Ukraine, according to western LIES

22 January 2015: Russia continues its military invasion of the Ukraine with very recent developments being the focus yesterday of Bill Gertz' "Inside the Ring" column at The Washington Times. Here's a quote of the column's first two paragraphs:

"Russian military forces are crossing into eastern Ukraine in larger numbers, according to Phillip A. Karber, a Georgetown University professor currently on a fact-finding tour of the region.

“Things are really heating up — five Russian armored task forces crossed the border in last 60 hours, a force of about 75 main battle tanks, 100 infantry fighting vehicles, 100 other armored vehicles and fifty artillery systems,” said Mr. Karber, also head of the Potomac Foundation."


  1. NAZI-America is LYING about EVERYTHING! The US-government is serving the EVIL Vatican, just like NAZI-Germany in the past, and many Americans are BLIND to this FACT, and also the maker of the above article, who's a believer in JESUS Christ, but who's still unaware of a lot of things concerning the VATICAN NWO.

    He also doesn't yet see that the Israeli governmment is also serving the Papacy and that the Israeli flag is SATANIC with it's HEXAGRAM!


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