Monday, May 25, 2015

HAIL to the Pope!

Hitler, the IDIOT of the Satanic Vatican....

Sane people say...

Pope Francis The Destroyer


  1. +jennifer siagian
    Satan is NOT the Antichrist!
    He is what he is: the fallen angel Morning Star, whom God=JESUS called 'ADVERSARY'=Satan or DEVIL=confuser.

    I don't trust anyone who says the Pope is NOT the Antichrist, because I'm SURE he is.
    It's in Satan's interest to confuse people about this.
    The Pope is a SATANIC and EVIL CRIMINAL and a MURDERER!
    "Obama' too and they both are on their way to HELL!
    Antichrist means 'instead of Christ', or 'in place of Christ' and that's the meaning of 'Vicar of Christ'.

    Anyone who has done some research about the Papacy, the Roman Catholic CULT, the Roman Empire and 'Mystery Babylon' knows that you're wrong when you state that the Pope is (NO WAY) the Antichrist and Satan is laughing his socks off, because he managed to fool you.

    But believe what you want......

    JESUS is LORD!

  2. Replies
    1. +dockidds Pope Coming To USA ! - Not 1 In 20 Is Ready

      The Pope is the 1st BEAST of Revelation 13 and 'Obama' is the 2nd.

      The deception is as follows: 'Obama' doesn't mind if people think he's the Antichrist, because he knows he's the deceiving False Prophet of 'peace, prosperity and equal sharing', while we know he only brought WAR, POVERTY and COMMUNISM and he's also a MUSLIM, and Islam is a form of SATANISM, concocted by the Vatican in the past by the FIRST BEAST: the PAPACY!

      Every Pope is AN Antichrist, and THIS JESUIT-Pope is THE Antichrist, playing the ROLE of a (False) Prophet.

      The Lord JESUS be with us!

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    1. +Puritan Pictures Marching To Zion EXPOSED!


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