Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We need JESUS!

Hello fellow human beings who visit my site: we all need JESUS Christ.


Because He is God, manifested in the flesh, or God in human capacity who was punished in our place on the cross, which is the satanic symbol for the Babylonian so called sun-god.

Why was he punished in our place and by whom?

God the Father punished Him because someone had to pay with his own blood for the sins of all mankind.

Why, and who is God the Father?

God the Father is ONE with God the Son, who is JESUS, and God the Father can't stand sin: He HATES IT!

What is sin?

Sin is disobedience to God, and the first sinners were Adam and Eve, OUR ancestors, no matter what color we have, and no matter where we live on earth, and no matter what language we speak.

Because we are their offspring, we're condemned to die and perish forever!

Now God loves us so much that He came up with a plan in order to be able to save us: He became a human Himself and He called Him His Son, JESUS (the) Christ, meaning:

'The anointed (with the Holy Spirit) 'I AM Salvation' (Christ JESUS).

'I AM (who I AM) is God's NAME.

JESUS is 'I AM' in the capacity of SAVIOR. (Or Saviour, when you're not an American).

So God loves us so much that He doesn't want to lose us and condemn us.

So someone else had to pay a very dear price: JESUS the Christ!

JESUS is God's ALTER EGO, because there is only ONE God.

Why should it be such a BLOODY and PAINFUL death, and wasn't there another option for God?

No, there was NO OTHER OPTION!

Here's the SECRET:

God created the animals FIRST, before He created the first two humans.


Read this:

Thank God for the creation of ANIMALS


God cannot save PERFECT creatures, called the angels, when they have become disobedient.

But God CAN save ANIMALS!

People may look up to or down on other people, but in the end we're all in the same boat and we're LOST without JESUS Christ and we're all MORTALS.

Our lives are very SHORT compared to ETERNITY and during this ONE life we get a chance to choose sides: do we want to remain lost, then we reject JESUS as our Savior, and we don't acknowledge Him as God, manifested in the flesh.

Or we receive God's MERCY and we're willing to acknowledge that we NEED JESUS Christ.

No one can claim that he or she is saved on his or her own accord: it's ALWAYS God who has made the FIRST step toward us.

Now we can accept Him as our beloved creator and Savior and FATHER, or we remain HOSTILE and in the sphere of influence of God's adversary, Satan, the former top-angel Lucifer, which means 'light-bringer'.

Lucifer wants us to remain lost, like him and the other fallen angels, and he's still a bringer of FALSE light.

Why, and what does he gain from it?


Satan will be PUNISHED forever in the lake of fire and he won't enjoy his 'victories' whenever he had been able to keep people into rebellion against God.

His motivation is UTTER MADNESS!

Satan is ENRAGED with MADNESS toward God!

In fact he's VERY AFRAID!

God is bigger than the universe and compared to Him he's smaller than a tiny insect.

In fact he's trying to bargain with God: "don't cast me into your lake of fire, or else I'll do anything within my power to keep people UNINFORMED and HOSTILE toward your salvation plan, and this will be my revenge".


But Satan won't enjoy his 'sweet revenge' when he's burning in the lake of fire!


Receive the wisdom from God: 


Psalm 2 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)




The Gospel of Luke - Film - Visual Bible in HD Very Rare Version




Hans @ Google+YouTube



  1. God loved me before I was a baby http://i4.ytimg.com/vi/4Q_OBgo6ReQ/maxresdefault.jpg

    Ephesians 1:4 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    4 As he hath chosen us in him, before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy, and without blame before him in love

  2. +doncooper512
    Yes, I know, but I wasn't that serious and in a corny mood. ;-P

    Hans S
    7:14 PM

    I've been an adherent of the evolution MADNESS myself.
    I could debate my old self for hours, but please no: ONLY God could change his mind.
    Old Hans needed a 'shock and awe' treatment.

  3. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    We're all patients of Dr. JESUS: some get healed and go to heaven and others receive an eternal therapy in the lake of fire.

    Both groups will proclaim that JESUS is THE LORD, but I'm glad I won't have to go to the eternal hellish therapy session, thanks to JESUS!

    Screaming my lungs out that JESUS is THE LORD without happiness, and feeling abandoned and rejected and lonely is HELL.

    Many crazy people don't realize that this is going to happen to them, unless God grants them the wisdom to flee to our Savior JESUS.

    He gave us the assignment to reach out to these patients.

  4. Replies
    1. +Rosario DiPeri The refrain of this song is in fact big fat nonsense, though I like the song: Bloodgood - Top Of The Mountain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBbYu9VWZpE

      I call it the 'Moses-syndrome'.

      The Pope and 'Obama' are well known patients suffering from this disease.

      The great news is that God came down to us in the capacity of JESUS!

  5. +TerraCottaGamer Why is it unfortunate for me there is no way I can know the condition of your heart or your relationship with Christ because the Bible clearly says that only God can know that about people?
    Who do you think I am?
    God-the Lord JESUS?
    From your reply I know you realize I'm NOT God-the Lord JESUS, so why don't you go directly to Him?
    He's the one you need if you don't want to burn in hell and if you want to exist in eternal happiness, being a forgiven sinner, thanks to JESUS, God, manifested in the flesh.

  6. +Benjamin R Codona Hey man!

    Just in case you didn't know, your opinion is rubbish.

    Have an AWESOME day, and turn to JESUS Christ!

  7. +Benjamin R Codona Ezekiel38Rapture: CHRISTIANITY MAKES ME SICK! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.com/2015/06/christianity-makes-me-sick.html
    JESUS has NOTHING to do with 'Christianity'.


  8. +Rosario DiPeri +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist This is bad English (your a gentile, instead of you're a gentile, and your not supposed to, instead of you're not supposed to) and suppose I am a JEW who LOVES JESUS: have I become a GENTILE because of this?
    Of course not!
    I wouldn't be better or worse than a non-JEW, but I would remain a JEW, just like Paul, who remained being a Jew until death and into eternity.
    I also don't like the term 'Jewish laws': God is a JEW, because He's JESUS, and His laws and commandments are the benchmarks by which we will be judged when we'll have to appear before the judgment seat of Christ.
    That's why we need to study the WHOLE Bible!
    GRACE means: you are COMPLETELY FORGIVEN of EVERYTHING which would have made you punishable by the second death, which is the lake of fire, but we will be judged by JESUS PERSONALLY, when we will stand before Him and the judgement seat of Christ.
    Hans S
    8:55 AM

    +Rosario DiPeri +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist To put it in a popular way: JESUS and the Father are ONE and we won't burn in hell, the lake of fire (PRAISE GOD!), but He's our 'heavenly daddy' and He might give us some 'spanking' before we'll enter into His heavenly Kingdom.

    "I had saved you from my own wrath, and I'll keep my word, but why did you continue to sin, after I had become your Savior?
    Here's your chastisement, and you know that I love you, and you will NEVER do these things again!
    Now enter into my FEAST and be HAPPY forevermore"

    "Thank you daddy!"

    'I love you and I'm so glad you're not lost anymore, because I had so much pain because of you, when I was hanging on the cross....all is forgiven and FORGOTTEN".

  9. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist "But Paul said.."
    This is correct, but we still have to appear before the judgement seat of Christ.

    But if we have NOTHING to HIDE or to FEAR, then we'll go GLADLY, because we know our judge is our BEST FRIEND.

  10. but Paul said
    Romans 2:16 At the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ, according to my Gospel.

    Mark Halverson
    8:53 AM

    Christians follow the most famous Jew of all time! ��
    Hans S
    9:01 AM

    +Mark Halverson
    That's why I call myself a JESUS Christian.

    +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist Everything will be brought to light.

  11. +Benjamin R Codona
    I once read about a woman who was 100 years old when she was saved by faith in JESUS Christ.

    She said that she had lived for NOTHING during her previous 100 years and that now finally she had started to live.
    You (WE) live for NOTHING when you (WE) don't have a relationship with (y)our own creator, who is JESUS Christ: God, manifested in the flesh.

  12. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    Interesting version, but Satan is NOT the god of hellfire, but God-JESUS.
    Satan himself will BURN forever and all the other fallen angels too.

    'Obama' is also not the god of hellfire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kakrf-yhOuc but he sure is EVIL on behalf of the Vatican NWO and Pope Frankenstein.

  13. +Hans S Why did grace bride block you?
    Hans S
    12:13 PM

    +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    Strong difference of opinion about non-salvational issues, like the length of JESUS's hair, the Shroud of 'Turin' (stolen by the Vatican) and she turned out to be a very aggressive and dominant type of woman.
    But I admit I haven't always been nice to her and it was during a time I still had unresolved issues with my mother.
    I was hoping she would become my friend, and at first we seemed to like each other, but due to our strong difference of opinion on certain matters, we became embroiled in a dispute.
    But I didn't block her: she blocked me and she had problems with others too.
    It went so far that she called me satanic.

    Very unfortunate...

  14. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    Dear Joyce, we're close to the SUDDEN rapture!
    Remember we're not appointed to God's wrath.

    He's NOT mad at us!
    His Holy ANGER toward us was absorbed by JESUS, when He was punished in our place on the cross.
    His wrath is upon those who still don't give a damn about Him!

    Place yourself in His 'shoes': He created them and He loves them, yet they accuse Him of all evil, while they themselves are evil, due to their sin and the influence of Satan on them.

    We are His children and He's going to evacuate us to heaven, SHORTLY before all hell will break loose on earth.

    I can sense the anger of Satan and he's VERY VERY MAD!

  15. +Rosario DiPeri
    I'm Dutch and English isn't my mother tongue
    , and I didn't know you had made the above meme, but when I read your other comments I noticed you have a habit of using 'your' when it should be you're, like in this sentence: "Your following the teachings of men".
    Please do yourself and others a favor by using correct English in writing, and I know 'your' and 'you're' sound the same and sometimes I make the same mistake, but then I correct it afterwards, which is possible on Google+.
    Of course we're saved by faith in JESUS alone and not by works, but what I pointed out in my conversation with +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist is the fact that the saved believers in JESUS Christ will ALL be judged by JESUS personally before the judgement seat of Christ, which is NOT about heaven/eternal grace or hell/lake of fire, but about rewards and positions in the Kingdom of heaven.
    If someone is saved through grace, according to the gospel of the apostle Paul, on behalf of JESUS Christ, who's God, manifested in the flesh, and lives like a unrepentant jerk, he or she will go to heaven, but his or her position in heaven will be low.
    But it's better to have a low position in heaven than having to burn in hell/the lake of fire.
    God, aka JESUS want us to repent of our sins in a continuous conversation between Him and us, by means of the Holy Spirit, so that we'll sin LESS, though He understands it's IMPOSSIBLE to be sinless, because only He was able to live without sins (being disobedient to God's commandments) and we are NOT, because we live in a FLESH which is our ENEMY.
    JESUS didn't have this problem, because HIS flesh was NOT His enemy, because He was born WITHOUT SIN, and NO ONE else is equipped with a SINLESS BODY.
    Our BODY is our PROBLEM!
    That's why we're longing to be released from our bodies at the MOMENT of the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, which will take place, seven years before JESUS' second coming.
    Paul makes it clear that we're in fact not so much longing to be in heaven, but to be TRANSFORMED into ETERNAL ANGEL-LIKE creatures, with SUPERNATURAL bodies.
    Satan is able to attack us on a daily basis due to our MORTAL and sinful FLESH.
    Our flesh is an ALLY of the devil!
    But our SPIRIT and our SOUL have been redeemed through GRACE by the BLOOD of JESUS Christ.
    We ABSOLUTELY AGREE on this, brother Rosario.

  16. If you rather write 'your' instead of 'you're', I understand what you mean, but please don't hold it against me when I say that's not proper English.
    Now, let me tell you something VERY important: yes Paul was (is) the apostle for the PAGANS (non-JEWS), but when the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us, we have in fact JESUS the JEW dwelling inside us, because the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son are ONE: there is only ONE God: the God of Israel! Our God is a JEW....FOREVER! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2014/10/god-is-jewforever.html
    We're not going to New Washington or New Amsterdam, but to the eternal Holy city, the New Jerusalem.
    JESUS is God and He's a JEW, and He happens to be my FATHER and I'm His ADOPTED son...YOU TOO!
    PRAISE GOD, we're NOT going to BURN in the lake of fire, aka hell.
    That's a HUGE reason to be CHEERFUL, don't you think?
    So if you agree this is a HUGE reason to be cheerful you should also be cheerful that SISTER +Rose Treasure is saved BY GRACE too.
    WE are NOT her JUDGE: only God, aka JESUS!
    You said "Im praying for you" toward +Rose Treasure : that's a GOOD thing!
    It's ALWAYS good to pray for one another and to BLESS each other in JESUS' mighty name.
    I'm so glad that +Rose Treasure isn't a child of the devil, but a child of God, through GRACE.
    If she thinks she can earn heaven by trying to keep the commandments, she's indeed following man made rules, but it's VERY GOOD to KNOW ABOUT the laws and the commandment and therefore to study the WHOLE Bible.
    It's also GOOD for her to acknowledge that we're not holier when we call JESUS by His HEBREW name, Yeshua, and by using the term Messiah or Mashiach, because it means exactly the same as the Greek/English term CHRIST.
    In Dutch JESUS CHRIST is JEZUS CHRISTUS (say; yaysus kristus, and in Greek it sounds like iésous kristos).
    Now about the King James Bible: i believe it's a GOOD Bible, but I believe the Geneva Bible is a BETTER translation, though it's also not perfect.
    In both translations the NAME of God has been translated into LORD or Lord God.
    God told Moses His NAME and it's 'I AM' (who I AM)!
    So I translate it into 'Lord I AM', or 'I AM GOD'
    Why is this important?
    Because the name JESUS means 'I AM Salvation': God in the capacity of SAVIOR.

    ALL translations in any kind of language miss this important point due to MAN MADE RELIGION: they are AFRAID to 'abuse' the name of God.
    The Jews were the first who started this NONSENSE by HIDING God's name behind the letters YHWH.
    But on the other hand: God allowed it to happen and so God's name became a so called mystery.
    Some people call God 'Yahweh' or 'Jehovah', related to the letter JHVH, but these 'names' are simply VOCALIZATIONS of FOUR letters, and it's NOT the name of God.
    God Himself gave Moses a SHORT version: 'I AM'.

    JESUS said 'I AM the way, the truth and the life'.
    'I AM the bread of life' etc etc.
    JESUS is the GREAT 'I AM' in HUMAN capacity, though God can be a PILLAR of FIRE or a PILLAR of SMOKE, or 'The Angel of 'I AM' (the LORD, says the KJV).

  17. Another important issue is this:

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 KJV

    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition

    The WRONG translation of the Greek word 'apostasia' into 'a falling away'

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a departing first, and that that man of sin be disclosed, even the son of perdition.

    The RIGHT translation of the Greek word 'apostasia' into departing (departure is also good)

    Now you may disagree with me that I state that the Geneva Bible 1560/1599 is better than the KJV 1611, but this doesn't make you holier or more saved than me and vice versa.

    My experience is that believers in JESUS will NEVER fully AGREE!
    Because they are saved SINNERS!

    They will AGREE FOREVER when they'll have their new eternal and supernatural bodies.

    I am a realist, and I'm an ex-ATHEIST.

    Satan knows the Bible MUCH better than most believers in JESUS Christ, but he couldn't and can't win from JESUS!

    JESUS is MUCH SMARTER and WISER than the devil, because he happens to be GOD!

    I LOVE sister Grace Bride and it's unfortunate she blocked me.

    I'm fighting the devil whenever and wherever I can by proclaiming that Pope Francis is the (near future) ANTICHRIST and 'Obama' (Barry Davis, or Frank Marshall Davis jr.) is his executor or his MUPPET, just like Adolf Hitler and Stalin (Jesuit priest) in the past, and that the Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of Satan, and by proclaiming the GOSPEL of GRACE , proclaimed by Paul on behalf of JESUS, and NOT through 'works'.
    Satan LOVES 'good works'!
    But Satan is a FOOL and he will burn in hell/the lake of fire.

    JESUS is coming!

  18. Are you being persecuted at the moment, or am I being persecuted at the moment?.
    I don't think so!
    JESUS said we must live by the day, and why should we worry about tomorrow or the future?
    We're existing in the eternal NOW, and what we're longing for is the redemption of our mortal flesh and to receive our eternal supernatural bodies at the moment of the rapture.
    Let's be WISE virgins and be focused on JESUS and let's tell unsaved people about Him and let's encourage our brothers and sisters, because when we do this, WE will be encouraged and we will be strengthened in our faith and relationship with JESUS and our brethren.
    We're part of God's world wide JESUS family, the Body of Christ.
    JESUS is with us and He's HERE trough His Holy Spirit.
    Give Him praise and thank Him whenever you can, and He will be glad abut it and be near to you and comfort you.
    Let's trust Him and believe He will rescue us before the start of the Times of Jacob's Trouble

  19. +Benjamin R Codona
    As long as you don't realize you're lost without JESUS Christ, you can't be saved,
    because you don't care about our eternal destiny, because you think you're your own 'god'.
    Simple question: are you happy with the world you're living in?

  20. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    We will not judge fellow saints in heaven: that's JESUS' responsibility.
    But we will judge fallen angels at the Final Judgement.

    The remnant of Israel (one third: Zechariah 13:8-9 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Zechariah+13%3A8-9&version=GNV ) will be JESUS' earthly Bride when He returns to His country and His Capital Jerusalem.
    Then His reign as KING will commence and it will last 1000 years.
    Then Satan will be released, deceiving most of the generations who will live at the end of this 1000 years and the will rebel against JESUS, but this rebellion will be swiftly crushed, and then the Final Judgement will start.
    After this and after death has been cast into the second death=the lake of fire, a BRAND NEW heaven (universe) and a BRAND NEW Earth will appear and the old earth (this one) and the old heaven will vanish, and the heavenly Bride (the Body of Christ) , and the earthly Bride (Israel) will merge.
    God wants no remembrance of all evil that took place on this earth, so a new earth MUST come, and then the New Jerusalem will come down on earth and SHE will be magnificent and beautiful as a bride, and she will be our MOTHER and we will enter her forever and live within her and on the new earth for eternity and have an eternal wedding feast in honor of our Lord and Savior JESUS!
    I believe the New Jerusalem looks like a HUGE Pyramid, and I believe Lucifer knew about it, so he inspired people to make a counterfeit version on earth, because believe the oldest pyramid is from before the Flood.
    The Pyramid is also an important symbol for the NWO, because it's Satan's counterfeit.
    Here's an impression: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/x_ClARx3UIw/hqdefault.jpg

    +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist Our Lord JESUS is with us, sisters!

  21. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    The Holy Spirit = JESUS in spiritual capacity is RESTRAINING the devil!
    He lives within the WISE VIRGINS who are SURE they're having the Holy Spirit dwelling within them.

    Even ONE Holy Spirit filled Saint is able to stop Satan, because he was DEFEATED by JESUS!
    Satan is a silly loser!
    He tried to destroy me MANY times, but he failed, thanks to JESUS.
    They key is that we mustn't be afraid to lose our lives.
    When he kills us, he's doing us a favor, and that's the last thing he wants.
    When he's torturing us, through wicked people, he's giving us an opportunity to be a martyr and to receive a higher position in heaven...he doesn't like to to do that, because he hates us.
    He's so very JEALOUS at us!
    Bottomline: everything Satan does is allowed by God-the Lord JESUS, so I have to deal with JESUS and NOT with Satan!
    When my wife left me, more than a month ago, I was being tested and I was DEVASTATED.
    Satan thought he finally got his chance to destroy me...but he failed.

  22. +Gabeг Skillz
    To you JESUS is an imaginary friend and in fact non-existent, but to believers in Him He's VERY REAL.

    No follower of JESUS is able to make JESUS REAL to you.
    Only if JESUS decides to show Himself to you, or talk to you personally, or through scripture (the Bible) He will become REAL to you too.
    Your 'task' as a doubtful person is to try to make believers in JESUS doubtful too.
    It won't work because genuine followers of JESUS KNOW He's REAL and even more real than you.
    Where do you want to go: to heaven or hell?

  23. +Benjamin R Codona
    Yes, you speak for yourself, but I have no problem to be subservient to 'I AM'
    , who's my creator and who manifested Himself on earth as JESUS Christ, and who has humiliated Himself for me at the cross....for you too....

  24. +Benjamin R Codona +Keely Gale
    And did Esquire Daniel the Duck the II produce a book like the Bible, full with fulfilled and unfulfilled prophesies?


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