Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My God Is Real ~ Sheree Sings

My God Is Real ~ Sheree Sings

Lord I believe in You ~ Sheree sings 




Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water - Sheree and Hans, Hans' version



  1. +shereesings4Jesus Christ The singing and swinging housewife for JESUS, with the long fingernails!
    YEAAAAAAAH! ;-))

    (and then to think you're also a grandmother)

    Great video Sheree, and you even looked into the lens for a change! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/10/my-god-is-real-sheree-sings.html

    The Lord JESUS is with us!!

  2. +shereesings4Jesus Christ
    Sheree, I'm so glad you're my sister in JESUS Christ who sings 4 Him!

    I haven't much to add to what you already know about my private situation, because JESUS has taken HIS RIGHTFUL place, after the 'amputation' in my soul of the place my ex used to occupy for so many years.

    I still love her, with the love of JESUS, and spiritually she's NOT doing well, because her best 'friend' is an unbeliever, a woman she knows through work.

    I'm blessed with a brother in JESUS in my hometown, and he's in somewhat the same situation, and we understand each other well.

    He also had a long relationship with a woman who SAYS she loves JESUS, but who proves through her actions that she's NOT honest and sincere.

    This is the END TIME and it's becoming increasingly CLEAR who REALLY love JESUS and who still hold on to this world.

    Enoch was SNATCHED away to heaven, because he constantly walked with God and he didn't even know WHO GOD is: JESUS!

    We are VERY PRIVILEGED to not only know WHO God is, but also to have Him INSIDE of us through His Holy Spirit!

    The WISE virgins are ALWAYS READY and the foolish virgins NOT.

    Let's keep close to our DEAR JESUS and pray for those who are in danger to be left behind when the rapture occurs.

    Love in JESUS from your brother Hans, from the Netherlands.
    Hans S
    8:54 AM

    +shereesings4Jesus Christ
    I made a nice screenshot of the video when you looked into the lens. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-T92B2_ckX-4/ViYAfXIoFxI/AAAAAAAAg0Y/yVTLSos04Pk/s400/My%2BGod%2BIs%2BReal%2B%257E%2BSheree%2BSings.png

    Many people (mostly men) tell you how pretty you are: I see 'JESUS in your eyes' and that's the prettiest aspect of you!

    Talking about lenses: do you wear contact lenses, because I know you also need glasses like me?


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