Thursday, November 19, 2015

Check this out....

Check this out....
Be warned some of this will make you feel very sick when you know that you know what they already know...sorry my friends, the truth is very painful, sometimes as much as childbirth!

Satan's SUNday



The Mark of the Beast 666 - Third Angel's Message 



Pope Francis and Obama, PLEASE SAVE US!






  1. He's kissing the hand of David Rockefeller to give him the ILLUSION he's more powerful than himself, but just like LUCIFER, Pope Francis is a SATANIC LIAR.
    And he's a KILLER!

    He knows he's GONNA BURN!
    Pope Francis eats BABIES and drinks their BLOOD in 'honor' of LUCIFER!
    He's the MOST EVIL person on earth, DISGUISED as a 'nice guy', just like his friend LUCIFER!

    JESUS will deal with these ROTTEN CRIMINALS!
    They will wish they had NEVER EXISTED!

  2. +Donna Diggzzz JESUS is the reason for thanksgiving! The Truth About Thanksgiving - National Day of Mourning


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