Thursday, November 12, 2015

Shereesings4Jesus Christ - To God be the Glory!

The snapshot was taken when Sheree sang 'God'

Andrae Crouch - My Tribute ~ Sheree sings

Published on Nov 11, 2015

Lord I believe in You ~ Sheree sings 



Andrae Crouch - An Evening Of Praise And Worship Special




  1. +KillTheDragon24 BA8807 Danny Joseph Fenton I'm a child of God for almost 32 years and I'm almost 56 and I've read the whole Bible several times and I'm still reading and learning, so thanks for your advice, and JESUS is with us and I bless you with the gospel of Grace, on behalf of JESUS:
    And I bless you with a great song:


  2. +shereesings4Jesus Christ Bella, Sheree!


    shereesings4Jesus Christ 58 minutes ago
    +Hans S WOE, thank You Hans what a wonderful compliment oh my goodness ! I am trying to look for the camera on this video did you notice :-) :-)
    · 1

    Hans S 28 minutes ago
    +shereesings4Jesus Christ Yes:

  3. +shereesings4Jesus Christ
    Yes, I'm doing fine, thanks to our Lord JESUS!

    I's been a half year ago now since my split up with my ex, and JESUS will NEVER tell me 'I don't love you anymore'.
    Please pray for her and her daughter, because this just isn't right.
    They both treat me like I have the plague and ignore me completely.
    Very sad...for them, and I pray they don't miss the rapture because of their attitude toward me.
    JESUS can snatch us away any moment.


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