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Easter -The Pagan Passover

Easter -The Pagan Passover

Published on Apr 5, 2012
One of the most beloved Christian holidays
The TRUE origins and history of Easter Pagan substitute for Biblical Passove In ignorance, worshiping the 'queen of heaven'. Corruption of the once-pure Apostolic faith, Calendar fraud and Sunday exaltation
Credits to : World Last Chance.

It's once again Ishtar-time - Het is weer Iestar-tijd




The Truth About Easter




  1. +Trius
    You're an EVIL ACCUSER and you will PAY for it!
    JESUS is the God of the New AND the OLD testament!

    He is the GREAT 'I AM' in human form* and He has the RIGHT to DESTROY anyone He wants, so He has the RIGHT to DESTROY YOU, and He has turned you already into a MORTAL and you're SLOWLY DYING and you are put under His CURSE and His TERRIBLE WRATH.

    *(JESUS means 'I AM SALVATION)

    But because He's a MERCIFUL God He allowed His OWN inventions to MURDER Him on the symbol of the Babylonian SUN-god', the CROSS, so that anyone will be saved who wants to say 'Thank you JESUS!' for what He has done, and He ROSE from the dead!

    Compared to Him you're smaller than the smallest INSECT, and yet He wants to save you FROM HIS OWN WRATH!

    He uses Satan in order to make it obvious to Him WHO are AGAINST Him and who are for Him, and you are clearly on SATAN'S SIDE!

    So this means you will be TORTURED FOREVER in the LAKE of FIRE and He will only ALLOW you to say "JESUS is THE LORD" and NOTHING else and He will IGNORE you FOREVER as if you're a PIECE of SHIT or GARBAGE.

    If that's what you want then continue to accuse Him and He will deal with you in due time and you'll wish you NEVER EXISTED.

    Be WISE and surrender to Him and He'll be your BEST FRIEND!

    Be UNWISE and He'll be your WORST NIGHTMARE!

    +Trius And you are talking on behalf of SATAN!
    You're LOST without JESUS Christ!
    7:23 PM

    +Hans S
    The jews chose the pagan gods of their region and later whittle them down to one war god. The jews were polytheists until about the 6th century bc. They wrote about abraham et al as though jews of the 2nd millennium were monotheists, they were not. The bible unfortunately is a con.
    The NT was a vast improvement on the hate-filled OT.

    "you are talking on behalf of SATAN!"

    How many people did satan kill in the OT and how many did the war god Yahweh kill? 

  2. +Beth North
    You are CRAZIER than the CRAZIEST NUT and you're talking out of your ASSHOLE!

    You're DUMBER than a chicken's embryo.

    And yet JESUS wants to SAVE you, so it's up to you what you choose.

    This is also meant for you:

    Hans S
    4:01 PM

    +Beth North And who told you this? I know: SATAN!
    You're LOST without JESUS Christ!
    Beth North
    7:27 PM

    LMAO you sound like a nut! even if Jesus was real he would be an asshole if he sent ppl to hell just for not believing in him. Why would he set us up for failure and punish us when we failed? ohh maybe because your god is a complete asshole with no compassion. The REAL GOD would never punish people for not believing in him/her. Seems like Jesus and Satan are both just as big of an asshole. 
    Beth North
    7:34 PM

    +Hans S For you to even think that Satan is talking to me or anyone else shows how crazy you are. Religion got people like you repeating the stupidest things ever. 

  3. +Beth North
    I was talking to Satan and not to you
    , and I'm a JESUS Christian and not a 'Christian'.

    Yesterday 11:11 PM

    +Beth North
    Shut up Satan, in JESUS' name!
    Beth North
    2:16 PM

    +Hans S you know what I will just let you live since I can see you drank that juice. I won't argue with a dumb Christian that is brain washed.

  4. +Phoenix Fire
    JESUS has absolutely NOTHING to do with the true church of SATAN, the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT, which true god is LUCIFER!

    JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh and in case you want to be saved you need to surrender to Him and in case you want to burn in hell/the lake if fire forever, you just reject Him.

    He loves you and Satan hates you.
    Hans S
    10:26 PM

    You're talking on behalf of the DEVIL.
    You're lost without JESUS Christ and I don't say this in my own self interest but in YOURS, but you're free to burn in hell forever.

    Phoenix Fire
    12:10 AM

    +Hans S Wow! I am so glad I left the Catholic Religion that I was born in to! Listening to the closed mindedness of what you are saying is truly sad! Open your mind and your Heart into accepting everyone for who they are, regardless of their Beliefs, and the World will be much better off for it!
    11:10 AM

    +Phoenix Fire
    Actually, I think this this person is one of those that hears voices in his head, the type of voices that make serial killers.

  5. +Phoenix Fire
    Satan means adversary and devil means deceiver/accuser and know more about
    this evil character: A sickly jealous morning star

    About the name JESUS:

    Very important info: Hell Happens

    Phoenix Fire
    11:17 PM

    +Hans S
    Christianity is who has "Satan" in their Religion. We do not worship, nor believe, in such a person. Btw, doesn't Christianity have a some kind of Rule about not calling them by a False Name? Jesus was not even his Name! The Letter "J" did not exist in the Alphabet at his Birth. This would make the Carpenter "Joseph" not being his real name either! If these few things were changed, how many other things has the Bible "added" into it, that you refuse to question? Do yourself a favor and think about that!

  6. +Phoenix Fire
    You're a LIAR: JESUS is the BRIGHT and MORNING STAR!

    You don't want to be saved, so follow Satan and BURN in HELL, because that's what you DESERVE!


    Phoenix Fire
    12:18 AM

    +Hans S
    You gave absolutely no information in disproving the fact that Jesus is a False Name! Even in the Link you gave (which I already knew of) his Name was Yeshua (Translated to "Joshua" in English). Instead, to get the Name "Jesus", it is instead Translated 1st into Latin, and then into English. His Name was not a Latin Name, therefore the Latin Translation is not his True Name, therefore making Christians calling him by a False Name, which is against their own Religion!

    Btw, it is funny how both Jesus and Lucifer/Satan/Devil (whatever you want to call him) were BOTH referred to as the "Morning Star"! In Lucifer's Fall, it was said "How you have fallen oh Morning Star, Son of the Dawn". Wouldn't the Dawn be referring to the "Sun" which would refer to "God", seeing as they always use the Sun to represent him through Paintings of Mary and Jesus?

  7. Hell is God's WRATH!

    And JESUS is GOD!

    He endured HIS own WRATH which was upon us!

    In a way He was murdered by His OWN creatures, and Satan in the first place.

    Satan said (so to speak) 'you'll NEVER gonna do this JESUS! And they'll NEVER be grateful and they don't give a DAMN!.

    But JESUS pressed on and He did the IMPOSSIBLE: GOD DIED IN OUR PLACE because we are all so VERY WICKED and yet He LOVES us so much!

    MY GOD, MY GOD, why have you FORGOTTEN ME!



  8. +Phoenix Fire
    Satan has deceived you through HIS Roman Catholic DEATH CULT and Lucifer is the true god of the Vatican!

    Get rid of the BABYLONIAN Roman Catholic MADNESS and get to know JESUS who He really is: God, manifested in the flesh.



    Phoenix Fire
    12:47 AM

    +Hans S
    You still refuse to acknowledge who the "Dawn" is! Unless you want to admit that Lucifer was also God's Son, and Jesus's Brother. When Christianity says that Jesus is the "Only Son of God"! So which is it?

  9. +kezlaguer999
    What you say is what many people think who don't enough about the real status of the PAPACY
    : the Pope is BOTH a political leader and a religious leader, and many don't know he's the one who's in charge, because he's the HIDDEN Roman Emperor, disguised as a religious leader.

    His god is LUCIFER and Satan doesn't want people to know that the Pope is the Antichrist=the instead of Christ=the Vicar of Christ=blasphemy.

    Be informed:

    The Satanic Power Tree

    kezlaguer9991 year agoLINKED COMMENT
    The mark of the beast is already upon many who have not awakened through the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit). Many will take the mark thinking God's OK with it...big mistake. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, saith the Lord.
    Hans S
    Hans S1 week ago
    +kezlaguer999 SUN-day is the MARK of the Roman Babylonian CULT-'church'.. The Pope is the BEAST! The ANTICHRIST! He dares to call himself the VICAR of Christ=the INSTEAD of Christ! So the Mark of the Beast is SUN-day LAW, enforced by RFID-chips in people's right hands and foreheads.
    kezlaguer9996 hours ago
    +Hans S # You're on the right track Hans but according to Revelation, the Pope is more likely to considered a false prophet if anything. The Beast is known to be a political character of military might, not of religious orientation except for when he enters into the 3rd re-built temple in Jerusalem to decalre himself a god. That's when it becomes religious but by then it's too late for all humanity.

  10. +kezlaguer999

    Blair Davidson
    commented on a video on YouTube.
    Shared publicly - Mar 18, 2016

    Once again the Christians show how fucking crazy they are. Leave the rabbits alone you nutty fuckers.
    Easter -The Pagan Passover.
    RTY617's profile photokezlaguer999's profile photoHans S's profile photo
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    Hans S
    Mar 25, 2016

    +Blair Davidson You are dumber than a chicken's embryo!
    JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh.
    He created you and He died for you and He rose from the dead for you.
    If you want to be saved then you'll need to believe in Him and honor Him and if you don't care then do NOTHING and then He'll cast you into His GARBAGE CAN, the LAKE of FIRE.
    Don't be STUPID!
    Mar 27, 2016

    +Hans S Yes believe that a jewish zombie rose from the dead.������
    Yesterday 9:07 PM

    +RTY617 # No zombie at all. He arose in a totally supernatural physique. A Spirit in complete control of it's own transmutatible molecular structure. This will be the end of all who truly believe HIM...they too shall rise uncorruptable. That's a promise.

    ~ John 11:25
    Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

    Now if you want to get blown away RTY617, here's a portion of scripture that does mention Zombie's. It's actually where they got the whole zombie idea from. How ironic that they got it from the bible...

    ~ Zechariah 14:12
    And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.


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