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Won't take the mark or bow down to the beast!

Saint - Time's End

Published on Aug 3, 2014
Band: Saint
Album: Time's End
Song: Time's End

Time's End

[Words By: John Mahan & Richard Lynch, Music By: John Mahan & Richard Lynch]

He wakes in darkness
The stench of burnt flesh fills the air
His chewed up body
The rats are crawling everywhere
He looks around him to his horror
Dead bodies rotting all around
There is no memory in his mind
There is no answer to be found

The sound of metal clanging makes him hide
He sees the mutant people walk in stride
Hot crimson lasers glaring from their gaze
Dark shadow killers walk out from the haze

Sonar detectors working underground
These wicked men of metal know no bounds
He climbs the ladder up into his fright
Leaving the sewer city late at night
Roaming the streets he hears the people cry
There are the beastly banners flying high
Mass execution stage a bloody feast
Won't take the mark or bow down to the beast

Back to the sewer
The only place that feels right
Groping the
His search for help leads
him to a fight
The mutant people's deadly rays
Aims for a slaughter killing all
The realization in a flash
He walks
amongst them those that fall

Saint - Phantom of the Galaxy / Steel Killer 




album: "Time's End" (1986)



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