Saturday, July 2, 2016

Being There, Ending

Hans S11 hours agoLINKED COMMENT
2:08 the all seeing eye Google search: Ezekiel38Rapture: The Satanic Power Tree
the first time i watched this movie i would have never worked out what the eye on top of the pyramid was all about , it was at least 15 years ago that first saw this movie, i dont think it a funny movie but there are parts in this film that are strongly linked to the illuminate
Hans S
+TONY COSTANZO I've seen this movie a long time ago when I wasn't a believer in JESUS yet, and I really loved it, though I didn't have a clue what it was about, but the walking on water scene is great. Of course it reminded me of JESUS.


  1. Reality is stranger than fiction! Google search: Jesuit Vatican behind NWO , WW2 , 911 , Palestine - Israel conflict & WW3 agenda
    Google search: Ezekiel38Rapture: Angela Merkel, Hitler's daughter

    Hans S
    Hans S1 second ago
    1:41:02 Adolf Hitler was a PUPPET of the Vatican and he fled to South America, together with other top-Nazis.
    Joseph Stalin was a JESUIT Priest!
    Both Hitler and Stalin were financed by the USA on behalf of the Vatican=the ROMAN EMPIRE and the Pope is the EMPEROR!

  2. +TONY COSTANZO Walking on water is not what most believers in JESUS have to do and it won't save us. Believing that JESUS died for us on the cross in order to redeem us from our sin, is what's saving us.


    TONY COSTANZO5 hours ago
    +Hans S it goes to show how much faith JESUS had and how much faith most christians lack

    It's nice to fly and I've done it very often in my dreams, but we are created to WALK and JESUS always walked and only once He sat on a donkey.

    Our new bodies will be like JESUS' body, after His resurrection.
    We will never be in a hurry in the next life, so walking is great and we'll never get tired.
    JESUS said to the dying fellow condemned man on the other cross, who turned to Him after repentance: 'TODAY you will be with me in Paradise'.
    That's where your mother is, so be HAPPY for her.
    As soon as the rapture happens you'll see her back again.


    +Hans S
    when we get our spirit body's , we will be able to not just walk on water but fly as well ,
    All flesh will come to an end , GODS last enemy and most distant enemy ,is death , but not all will end like this , some of us will get our new body's in the rapture


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