Friday, September 16, 2016

Syria and a Certain Generation of Jews

14 September 2016: As is often stated in many of Eschatology Today's SITREPs concerning the ongoing war, truth is always the first victim in any war. This became painfully evident once again when it was all but impossible to determine exactly what had occurred between Monday morning and this morning in and around Syria's Quneitra Governorate (province) abutting Israel's line of defense-in-depth in the Golan.
However, and despite the lack of accurate intelligence, something new and potentially game-changing must be noted.  In the past Israel has always held Syria's Bashar al-Assad regime in Damascus as being solely responsible for any "spill-over" of the war on Syrian territory into Israel's territory. Israel's Air Force has now struck Syrian Army artillery positions at least twice in the past three days as a result of the spillover of rounds into Israel's Golan territory. This occurred even though hindsight may prove that it was Sunni jihadist artillery fire that struck Israeli territory, yet the Syrian Army still paid the price for the aggression.  Now an IDF spokesman has made it crystal clear that the anti-regime jihadist rebels will also be fired upon by the IDF if their artillery fire lands on Israel's side of the current border in the future.

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