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Eindtijdberichten opinie - End Time Messages opinion 2

Eindtijdberichten opinie
End Time Messages opinion
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Eindtijdberichten opinie - End Time Messages opinion 1



  1. Concerning Netanyahu vows ‘Israel will act with great force’ against Hamas in Gaza

    +pirreli5 What's the joke?
    Suppose you're a huge, strong guy and suppose your smaller neighbor (who knows he has the support of many people in town) is continuously throwing stones at you and is telling you that you should leave your house and your yard because he says it belongs to him, while you know that's a lie.
    What would you do?
    Stay calm and try to start a dialogue with him in order to deescalate the tensions or would you jump over the fence to teach him a lesson?
    In 2005 Israel gave Gaza to the 'Palestinians' and Israel evicted their own citizens from that area under pressure of the Vatican controlled USA under the leadership of the late prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon.
    The 'Palestinians' could have made something beautiful out of Gaza, and it could for example have been a great tourist resort, but the problem is that the majority of the 'Palestinians' believe in 'allah', who happens to be Satan, and in Islam, which was invented by the evil Vatican, with its evil pedo-prophet and mass murderer Muhammad.
    The leadership and the majority of the 'Palestinians' want only ONE thing: the destruction of Israel and the DEATH of ALL Jews!
    And next they want to persecute and murder the Christians, as they have even persecuted and killed their own 'Palestinian' Christians.
    Because its written in their 'holy book' the Quran.
    You cannot reason with the devil!


    whats new?, do they not always use force? what a joke!

  2. Concerning: 'Missing Saudi journalist had 'bloodlust' against Israel'


    John Goodman's profile photo
    John Goodman
    Whether he had negative words towards Israel, I do not know. The way I am hearing the disapearance
    of this Washington Post journalist does not reflect back on Israel, but rather on Saudi Arabia. The greater issue the gruesome way this man reportedly was tortured and butchered. That fifteen men came to the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul on two Royal Saudi jets only hours before the journalist entered the compound, never to be seen again, that these same 15 men left the embassy soon thereafter for Saudi Arabia, that the Saudi "Ambassador" left the country (Türkiye), also, that the Saudi's at the embassy sat on the story, and changed the story, that Turkish officials were privy to real-time conversations inside the Saudi Embassy, possibly through radio transmissions from watch the journalist was wearing, giving those on the intercept real_time recording of all the gory details of his dismemberment with bone saw.. To try and soft pedal this atrocity because it might hurt the sale of the latest high tech weapons to Saudi Arabia is a lame excuse. The man had a green card and should have the support of the American government, or else the same atrocities will continue and increase unchecked. Was Meyer Lansky a nice guy? And some like him today; on wall street; are they nice people or are they less than nice? Would they pick up rocks and throw at a man until he was dead because he said Jesus The ANNOINTED MESSIAH was THE SON OF GOD.
    Hans S's profile photo
    Hans S
    +John Goodman Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi-born writer who was allegedly murdered on the orders of the Saudi government in Istanbul earlier this month, has been the subject of much concern in the mainstream media since his disappearance.

    However, Khashoggi was far from a liberal journalist, writes Jordan Schachtel of Conservative Review.

    Schachtel stated that Khashoggi, who wrote for the Washington Post's serious bloodlust when it came to violence against the state of Israel Global Opinions” section, was an Islamist extremist who displayed a "serious bloodlust when it came to violence against the state of Israel" and was connected to terrorist organizations.

    In 2014, Khashoggi wrote an op ed for the Middle East Monitor, a publication which is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood movement, in which he expressed his hope that Muslim nations would one day work together with the Hamas terrorist organization to destroy the Jewish State. He has written other pieces castigating Muslim nations for failing to support Hamas' genocidal ambitions.

    Khashoggi was also a supporter of arch-terrorist Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization.

    According to Schachtel, Khashoggi had an "extremely regressive, anti-Western worldview and a consistent pattern of supporting fringe Islamist movements in the region."

    Schachtel said that while "no one deserves to be harmed for his views," the media have played fast and loose with the truth by portraying Khashoggi as a moderate journalist and reformer.
    John Goodman's profile photo
    John Goodman
    Thank you for SOME of this background information, which I was unaware of.. Why would the Washington Post have him as a correspondent, then, I am wondering?
    Hans S's profile photo

    1. Hans S
      +John Goodman I simply copy-pasted the short article:
      The Washington Post is anti-christian and controlled by the Vatican, like all main stream media.

      The original name of Washington D.C. was ROME:

  3. gambarota: i wonder how the lunatics who think that the Earth is flat will explain it.?


    To imbeciles who believe the earth is a SPHERE: just below the flat surface of earth it's burning hot like in hell. That's where all will end up who HATE JESUS Christ, the creator of the flat and round earth with a firmament.
    God's Footstool is the FLAT EARTH - Globe Earthers want to be acceptable to the Vatican controlled society


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